Welcome to Hassle Free Spiritwear

Looking for an easier way to manage your team spiritwear for the season? We have a process that is guaranteed to make your life easier.


Our System Is Simple

  • Choose pieces for your sale, you decide. Work with an account manager to help make your process simple and productive.
  • See and approve your custom artwork. Choose artwork from our idea list or if you already have a logo, we can work with that too.
  • Receive a sample sheet with pictures and prices of all your products, print and hand out to your team.
  • Send players to our site where they can find their team under "My Team Site" or call us directly to order M-F 9:30am - 5pm EST.
  • After a two week selling period, we print and ship each order directly to each team member.
  • Receive a profit from the items your team orders plus any additional pieces ordered from our site.
We handle the rest. No money to collect, all production is done through our in-house services, including free names on the back of tees & hoodies. Then we ship directly to your player. It's that easy.

Plus, we handle all calls for sizing and any problems after the sale.