From design to printing to on site sales, Teamzila has the state of the art technology and staff to handle every aspect of your event apparel.

WE PUT THE CREATIVE FIRST. We've developed a reputation for kickin' artwork and delivering a quality product. We are always coming up with fresh ideas of how to push the envelope. We've even been called "edgy" a few times. We can wait until the last minute to print event tees if weather or registration is an issue because we own all of the equipment, including several automatic screen printing presses. Let our team help you - 

  • Design and develop high quality artwork with our years of expertise in designing and selling event apparel.
  • Choose garments that will compliment the art and have been tested and shown to sell.
  • Set up on site with our fully trained staff who can handle setup, display, sales, and everything in between.
  • Or if you prefer, we can ship your apparel to you for you to sell.

Specialty Printing

Standard Plastisol