About Us


What makes y'all different?

Well, we put the creative first. We've kinda developed a reputation for kickin' artwork and delivering a quality product. We are always coming up with fresh ideas of how to push the envelope. We've even been called "edgy" a few times. Because we own all the equipment, we can change merchandise on the fly for our retail division, offer great pricing on teamwear and can wait until the last minute to print event tees if weather is an issue.

What is a Creative House?

Our creative house is a collection of dynamic individuals, that, together under one roof can bounce ideas, designs and plans off each other. Our company is small enough that everyone still has input and a vote. Collectively, we all take our ownership in the success of Teamzila.

Didn't Teamzila start in Maryland?

We did! We spent 4 years on Main Street in Taneytown, MD and became infamous for wild store front windows. In August 2013, we relocated our main facility to a 15,000 sq ft space inside a unique 100 year old shoe factory building in the middle of a residential neighborhood in McSherrystown, PA. This move allowed our staff to have their own offices, a larger production area, docks for shipping and the ability to combine our warehousing all into one facility. And in 2015 we opened a warehouse in Orlando, FL to support our southeast events.

Can I visit your PA location?

Of course, you can come! We have a showroom located in the center of our offices and would be happy to meet with you to discuss teamwear or event merchandising. For items sold at tournaments or online, we do not offer a retail store. We can always ship items or if you wait, we will be happy to pull something from the warehouse for you. And if we really, REALLY like you we’ll show you our office bar and indoor field hockey court.

Can I visit your FL location?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our facility is only a warehouse in FL that houses our southeast events at Disney ESPN, AAU and for the Lacrosse and Volleyball markets.

Is your mascot a Frog or Monster?

Yes, he's a monster. Not a frog or an alligator, but a fun, friendly, lime green zila monster. A quick doodle one night at the kitchen table inspired our mascot and the company's name. Our monster can be found throughout our company advertising, holiday cards and packaging. He even has a name - Mikey, which was given by the owner's youngest child.

Tell'em about the Chickens and Goat!

One of the interesting facts about the town of McSherrystown is a zoning order that allows residents to keep chickens in their backyard and a town owned goat that lives under the water tower to eat the grass. So in honor of our move and the town ordinance, we have started to add 3 chickens and a goat into some of our more fun staff tees and company Christmas cards. Oh and be sure to keep an eye out for chickens when you come to visit.

Who owns Teamzila and how long has it been around?

We are a female owned company with a flair for tee design since 2007. To be official, Laura Maring is the creative mind behind Teamzila and has been doodling tee designs since her high school algebra class in 1990. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 9 with her first lemonade business and was nominated for Top 40 Under the Age of 40 by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2003 for her second company, Go Girl & Co. She is highly involved in the creative process of the company and you can even find her on the tournament circuit test marketing new designs and talking to consumers.

What's the company lifestyle?

We are a family friendly company with employees who are invested in the community and the local sports market. Most mornings are shared over coffee and the latest gossip of scores as the day begins. Flip flops are encouraged, tee shirts are a must and the staff takes ownership in making sure jobs are done correctly and out on time. Many of our employees are coaches or team moms/dads with a clear understanding of our market. And you may find a dog in the shop from time to time.