Field Hockey - Bruises and Bad Tanlines Short Sleeve Tee

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Anvil Heather Green 4.5 oz 100% combed ring spun cotton. Two color screen print on front reads "Bruises and Bad Tanlines". Two color screen print on back reads - "Epic Fails of a Field Hockey Player:  Knowing that should of been a C-O-R-N-E-R and they call a 16yd hit. Trying to decide to take that big swing or self start. Tournaments that start at 7am AND are 2 hours away. Amazing drive on goal and the ball hits the post. Gearing up for a big swing and you whiff the ball. You have a beautiful assist and everyone congratulates the girl that scored. Ready for a game and you can’t find your mouthguard. Switching sides at halftime and you find yourself on the wrong side of the field. Hearing the sound of the ball hit the backboard and ref calls back the goal. There is a crazy fan screaming from the sideline and you realize it’s your MOM!!!"